Team Recognition

Keith Brown Accepted challenge of refitting a rethermalizer with a new tank, deliver, install and certify operation in one day, then accomplished the task! Recognized by Scott Williams

Ryann Reid

Ryann, You were recognized and celebrated for your efforts in building your staff and specifically hiring 17 employees last week for the Family. This was during a meeting at the office and we wanted to share this occurred. Thanks for your passion and making staffing a priority for the family. Recognized by Mario Valladares

Team Recognition

Sam Allen Positive Energy at All Times -TRUE LEADER Recognized by Taylor Morrison

Team Recognition

Yami, Jackie, Wendy, Chase and Vilma I want to recognize my morning team for always being hands on and trying their best! They really go the extra mile everyday! Thank you for everything! Recognized by Leidy G

Emiliana R

Is a faster learner and willing to do anything that is needed of her! Recognized by Georgie Diaz

North Texas Bells Celebrates 9th Annual Founders Day

Annually, North Texas Bells celebrates the founding day of the company, December 21, 2011. This year looked a little different, with the health of employees as the number one priority, North Texas Bells decided to celebrate virtually. Thank you to all who helped make this broadcast possible and congratulations to all the Gladys Award winners.   2021 will be a year of revival for North Texas Bells!    

Rosa Perez

Congratulations Rosa on receiving the Eagle award by Rosy Gomez. Keep up the great work. Thank you for all you do. Recognized by Nancy Roman


Alec has been a great service champion, getting the full script down and ensuring every customer gets the chance to round up their totals! His impact and ability after only 2 weeks has been astounding, solidly serving G2 customer service for our night shift customers 4 days a week. Recognized by Daniel Westfall


From your first day to your second week! Amazing work in mastering your position! I see you are striving for greatness and I'm here to watch you and help you grow! Recognized by Kevin Zavala

Rosy Gomez

Congratulations Rosy on winning the Lifeline award by Daniel Westfall. Thank you for all you do. Recognized by Nancy Roman

Team Recognition

Efrain Rodriguez Efrain did an amazing job of taking care of our guests today. There was an issue with the drive thru register and he was very kind, friendly and courteous to our guests during this time. Way to go Efrain. Recognized by Matt Salehi

Reyna Pena

Thank you Reyna and Team !!!! For the daily hard work. For willing to take new challenges!!!! Recognized by Blanca Fabela

Team Recognition

Lee Ticona / brother This team is very dedicated . They did an amazing Job by going to Mcklane a provide food for 3 differents áreas. Recognized by Nora Rodriguez


Thank you crew member from Preston for accomplishing speed service. Recognized by Pamela Bajurto

Congrats to Period 8 VOC Winners!

A Taco Bell Star! Congratulations to all P8 winners of VOC (Voice of Customer) results! Adan and Nancy are recognizing Daniel Esquibel, Janet Hernandez, and Carlos Bursey for their great results winning for the company! Recognized by Peter Allen

Keith Brown maintenance department

  For taking on a Bayweb complication at one of stores. Recognized by Shaun Smith

Team Recognition

Nadia howlingcrane employee of the month Nadia is a great employee always stays when we need help and great food maker keep up the great work Recognized by darla Ramirez

Congrats Alexis Alves

A Taco Bell Star! Alexis Alves is being an amazing team member! Alexis is dedicated to her job and comes in anytime I call her to help. She has also received many compliments on her how friendly she is. I had a customer tell me that because of Alexis she is going to start coming back to our store. Recognized by Christine Myatt

Sonia Garay

She always has a positive attitude and is very patient! Recognized by Rosy Mendez

Team Recognition

Nora Rodriguez Nora has work with Taco Bell for 17 years since she was 17 years old. WOW! Shift manager at 35445. Everything looks clean and her team is always friendly and happy. Recognized by Matt Salehi

Team Recognition

sara Frizzell sara keeps the back of house clean and kept always does a great job Recognized by darla Ramirez

Team 33273

Reaching our Taco Bell Foundation's Fundraising Goal for first round prizes. Recognized by Quinton Mason

Rosa Perez

Congratulations Rosa on achieving the highest sales in the company for Period 6. Amazing job. Recognized by Nancy Roman

Team Recognition

David Garcia I would like to recognize David Garcia for his hard work and dedication last week and adding 6 new TM to his team. Recognized by Vik Rana

Quinton Mason

Helping put truck away and showing us how to do a proper walk through. Recognized by Rachel Howard

Congrats Tony Bhuiya

A Taco Bell Star! Tony Bhuiya is being an amazing team member! Congratulations Tony B. on being recognized by your Team for providing servant leadership. Recognized by Nancy Roman

HHH Bike Ride

North Texas Bells had a team of riders in the 38th Annual HHH Bike Ride in Wichita Falls, TX. Way to go Team!

Kairi Mcclendon

Employee learning how to make beans the proper way. Recognized by Quinton Mason


Thanks for doing a good job today !!!! Recognized by Glenda Hernandez

Team Recognition

SM Edith Aviles and team Shift manager Edith Aviles and her team! Recognized by Jeff Cooper

Kevin Zavala

Thank you to you and your team for all the support. Recognized by Blanca Fabela

Team Recognition

Rosy Gomez Rosy, You were recognized by Troy Morrison during an executive meeting for being such a wonderful employee and doing such a great job getting 37111 open. This is a very difficult time with staffing and we want you to know that we recognize your hard work. Thanks for all you do! Recognized by Troy Morrison


Celebration for Easter Recognized by Nancy Roman

Team Recognition

Gabriel Carrasco Gabriel and his Stacy rd team do a great job of taking care of all their customers. Hope you enjoy your appreciation basket. Recognized by Mario Valladares

Team Recognition

Gabby Elizondo Gabby does a great job training the team and using OneSouce. Thank you! Recognized by Tammy P

Siya MeNefee

Service champion certified as of  today! Congrats and thank you trainer Jeshawn! Recognized by Quinton Mason

Sabo and Austin

Using TEAM WORK and COMMUNICATIONS to get orders out in a fast and timely manner Recognized by Quinton Mason

Team Recognition

Deyanira She’s the best ! Always giving her 100 percent Recognized by Rosy Mendez


Muy buena travajafora siempre con buena actitud susana Recognized by Silvia Gil

Concepcion Hernandez

Great job on core , you and the stuffer make an amazing job team.  Keep up the great work !! Recognized by Elmer Cruz


Is an awesome worker with a great attitude! Recognized by Georgie Diaz

Sheridan, Mario, Kennedi, Maria C and Maria R

Just wanted to recognize these four people. They are so amazing - always working hard on taking care of our guests and making sure we are delivering great customer service on a day-to-day basis. Recognized by Paula Ramsey

Team Recognition

Dylan Flores Dylan is a great Service Champion and an awesome team member. He's always willing to go the extra mile to help others. Always on time with a great positive attitude and a smile on his face that's contagious. We are all happy that he's part of this winning team! Thank you Dylan for all your hard work! Recognized by Cristy Corzo


Easter Baskets Recognized by Nancy Roman

Congrats Greg Jones

A Taco Bell Star! Greg Jones is being an amazing Area Coach! Thank you for the helping me and pushing me to be a better RGM. Recognized by Fernando Lopez

Team Recognition

Flor Rios and Roxana Pineda Roxana is second on the left. Two years with Taco Bell 27877. Flor is picture shy! With Taco Bell four years. Both ladies are fast and accurate on the production line on this Friday. Having fun! Recognized by Matt Salehi

Antonio Fernandez

Antonio and Maryelena (mother and son) Love working Sundays with us. They're always on time and they work so hard to make sure they give the customers their best experience here. Thank you both for your hard work Recognized by Cristy Corzo

Congrats, Valentina!

A Taco Bell Star! Valentina Splann is being an amazing team member! Valentina is a maker who has been with us since she turned 16, for her first job! Last night she graduated high school with honors, and will be going to college soon with her Taco Bell scholarship! Recognized by Daniel Westfall

Ana, Juan, Yessica, Nestor, Kevin, Reyna

Thank you for always being consistent on your results. Always ready for new challenges. Recognized by Blanca Fabela


You bring the spirit of speed every Friday and everyday you come in! Always motivating the team to go beyond and above! Recognized by Kevin Zavala

Abril Andrade

Congratulations Abril on winning our Period 4 TV raffle. Recognized by Nancy Roman


Gracias por tu esfuerzo Dedicación Responsabilidad Recognized by Yessica Cabrera

Team Recognition

Nora Rodriguez Look at Nora making sure training is properly complete !!! Amazing Job Recognized by Lee Ticona

Elijah Prince

Elijah is our special employee. He is an awesome fryologist! Recognized by Darla Ramirez

Nestor Arcaine

Congratulations to Nestor and Team at 29886. Getting certified as Training Store!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Great job Team!! Recognized by Blanca Fabela

North Texas Bells Partners with Lender, First Horizon, for Unstoppable Spirit Commercial

North Texas Bells' lender, First Horizon, provided an opportunity for Troy Morrison and NTB to be a part of their upcoming Unstoppable Spirit commercial series. The series is a docu-style testimonial to highlight First Horizon customers and their unstoppable spirit throughout the challenges of 2020. North Texas Bells is thankful for the partnership that has been developed with First Horizon and the opportunity to share a little about North Texas Bells. The commercial is part of a series of Digital Only brand campaigning. Check out the full video below.      

Team Recognition

Lupa Acebdo Lupe did an amazing job teaching and executing Corrigo! Recognized by Tammy Pettigrew

Gona Torres

Gona is always making sure the customers get what they order. Thanks for your amazing job! Recognized by Nora Rodriguez

Congrats, Troy!

A Taco Bell Star! Troy is being an amazing NEW team member! Please join us in welcoming Troy to our North Texas Bells Family. Troy brings a wealth of experience in HVAC service and repair to the family and will be joining the existing maintenance team. He will be part of the team that continues to pursue our mission of being “Consistently Best on Block!” With Troy's addition we also continue our Purpose of “Building Know-How and Creating Opportunities for Others”. Welcome to the Family, Troy! Recognized by Sydni Belek

Serving Our Community’s Front Line Workers

Within the past couple weeks North Texas Bells has been serving the community's Front Line/Essential Workers. We cannot thank all of the Front Line Workers enough for all the time and effort they continue to put in to keep customers and the community safe. Thank you to all the North Texas Bells employees providing Great Food and Great Experience for customers!                      

Dakota Martin

Dakota working hard to get the store closed early for TKDS install. Recognized by Robert Landry


Happy birthday!  God bless you and thank you for your support in the store. Recognized by R Evelin

Remodel at Taco Bell #35433

In December, the remodel at was completed TB #35433 in Mckinney, and the lobby doors re-opened for our guest! The store looks fabulous and I’m sure that our guests are going to be thrilled and delighted when they come in for a visit!!! Would like to give a big shout out to our GC, Robin Sanders and his wonderful team, as well as, Rosy, Vik Thomas, Troy, and Scott who helped with the remodel at our 404 North Central Expressway. Taco Bell location. Below are some pictures of the remodel. Thank you to all who helped get this one done! Congratulations and Best of Success to Gabriel and Team #35433!!

Kevin Zavala

It's an honor to be NTB's first Fundraiser Champion! I want to thank my team, and especially my awesome customers! Thanks for making this dream for me and my team possible! Recognized by Team 29890

Andres Valenzuela

THANK YOU VERY MUCH BECAUSE YOUR LEADERSHIP HAS BEEN MY INSPIRATION EACH DAY and for your dedication to your job acting like a owner . Recognized by Elmer Cruz

RGM Glenda Hernandez

Recognition to RGM Glenda Hernandez for always having a safe store for her team and customers! Recognized by Jeff Cooper

Team Recognition

Yessica Cabrera Congratulations to Yessica on becoming new shift supervisor for Irving stores! She's an amazing person. Recognized by Blanca Fabela

Team Recognition

Store 029972 Woody, Angie, Dana, Rocio, Landon, and Andrea - the Celina Christmas Eve Crew with their holiday muffins! Recognized by Daniel Westfall

Chastity M

She has a great attitude and does a fantastic job when she is on shift Recognized by Georgie Diaz

Team Recognition

Robert King Robert King runs a great store. Co-workers have a fun and professional attitude. Even though short-handed this morning, he worked non-stop and looked like he was having a great time. I had fun installing in their store today. Recognized by Robert Landry

Congrats Kaylie B.

A Taco Bell Star! Kaylie B. is an amazing team member! Congratulations! Recognized by Nancy Roman

Freaky Fast Friday Team!

Recognizing the whole night crew - we started out slow from the gate at 3:36. But they’ve now brought the speeds down under 3:00 to a 2:51 OTD for the 5-8 day part! Recognized by Daniel Westfall

Yolani Moradel

Yolani is a great leader for her team… these past 3 years have been great. She’s always delivering core values and goes above and beyond for her and Maria’s store at 027869. Recognized by Tony Buhiya

Jasmin Ramirez

Outstanding service and urgency! You are making amazing products with very high quality standards! You are an All-Star! Recognized by Mike Gist

Team Recognition

Angelica We celebrated Angelica’s birthday My team has been doing an awesome job Morning, afternoon, and nighttime. Recognized by Vladimir Delgado

Team Recognition

Daniel cojulum Excelente forma de trabajar Recognized by Hebreny Salazar


Taco Bell Franchisee, North Texas Bells, completes its 3rd remodel of the year.  Learn more about the new dining experience, in the link below!

Heriberta Ramírez

Happy Birthday! Recognized by Reyna Peña

Congrats Glenda Hernandez

A Taco Bell Star! Glenda Hernandez is being an amazing team member! Congratulations Glenda on Winning the BECA (Beating the Enemy Called Average) Cup for Period 8! Recognized by Nancy Roman


Congratulations Angelica on winning the TV for Period 6 Recognized by Nancy Roman

susana s

She is hard worker! Recognized by Marcy S

Abril Andrade

Congratulations Abril on the great results you and Team 29890 have accomplished. Recognized by Nancy Roman

North Texas Bells Opens 56th Taco Bell

Yesterday, North Texas Bells opened it’s doors for business to the city of Melissa

Team Recognition

Joshua Pollack Josh shows up to work and always gives 110% and it makes the whole team do better as a whole. He’s really a great person to be around at work. Work is always better with josh there, and employees and customers notice. Recognized by Kyle Drew


I want to recognize Dora for all the help she provides at the store and I also want to thank her for working hard every day. Recognized by Rosa Perez

Flower Mound Remodel

Congratulations to our team at Taco Bell #35442 on the completion of their remodel! A special thanks to our General Contractor, Robin Sanders and his team, as well as, Greg, Calvin, Robert, Thomas, Troy and Scott who helped along the way!  Go check out the remodel and visit Calvin and his team at 2708 Flower Mound Rd!


Thank you for always helping make sure that our store has everything ready and prepped ever morning! Recognized by Vilma Garcia

Teresa Figueroa

Teresa did an amazing job during our last core.  She showed great leadership and communication skills with the stuffer and the finisher in getting the order out. Great team work Teresa! Recognized by Elmer Cruz


We’re very proud of her for everything she does and for working hard everyday! She’s ready to be a Team Trainer! Recognized by Vilma Garcia

Taco Bell Melissa


Kevin Zavala

Congratulations Kevin and Team for taking #1 for March Madness donations!!!! You just proved that if you want it, it will happen!!!!! Great work 🥳💪!! Recognized by Blanca Fabela

Team Recognition

Nestor Arcaine Our Manager Nestor he appreciated his employees … We want to do the same for him, thanks Nestor from your teammates. Recognized by Gabriela Muldoon


Wearing his mask properly In DT. Recognized by Quinton Mason

Team 33273

Janeane is being recognized because of having a perfect guest shop in DT. He hit all his required points and delivered fast service! Recognized by Quinton Mason

Levi Taylor

Levi, my closer and future shift lead! This guy does it all. Line, drive thru, cleaning - he’s a jack of all trades at delivering great food and GREAT service! Recognized by Daniel Westfall

Jeremy Angel

Congratulations Jeremy on receiving the ROCKSTAR AWARD BY Greg Jones. Recognized by Nancy Roman

Troy Morrison

Where should I even begin?!?! Troy is a dedicated, devoted, caring, loving, passionate, outstanding, divine, one of a kind not only business but Family man. He is eager to listen and to jump in and help out and fight for what is best for His Team. We have been very blessed to have a man who listens and cares and is prompt to respond to any cares or concerns. Without you Troy I am not sure where the company would be but we know here at 1012 that it would be lost! You are our rock and our foundation and we greatly appreciate every waking moment that you invest into bettering us not just as individuals, or as stores but as the entire team! YOU ARE THE BEST! THANK YOU TROY! Recognized by Patricia Preston

Taco Bell® Franchisee Partners with Local Food Bank to Serve Community

"LEWISVILLE, Texas, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Taco Bell® Franchisee, North Texas Bells, partnered with a local food bank, Christian Community Action ("CCA"), to provide their customers and volunteers with tacos and burritos last Wednesday, April 14th. Throughout the pandemic, North Texas Bells has provided food donations to first responders within the communities their 58 Taco Bell restaurants operate. The pandemic has also brought to light the high percentage of people experiencing food insecurity within the metroplex. North Texas Bells partnered with CCA's food bank to provide a hot meal for those who benefit from their food bank; the food bank services over 650 families weekly."...   To read the full article please click here.


Thank you for developing your Area Coaches so they can develop the RGMS... the trickle effect is vital for our family's success! Thank you! Recognized by Quinton Mason


Thank you Suleyma for your work in our 2nd Core round. Excellent!
Recognition by Inspector Richard

Recognized by Teresa Tores

Anthony Cardenas

He always has a Positive Energy. He is always recognized by customers for the great customer service he provides when he works at the drive thru window.

Recognized by Nora Rodriguez

JayQueln and BigNate

JayQueln and BigNate

Always working hard and with great enthusiasm, they always help run the store correctly and efficiently.

Recognized by Mathew Martinez



Miguel, I wish you the best in your new career with the NTB family . I know you have the potential to make a difference . Keep up the great work with your store !!

Recognized by Elmer Cruz



Happy birthday!  God bless you and thank you for your support in the store.

Recognized by R Evelin

Yara Castro

Yara Castro

Congratulations Yara on earning the highest Voc scores for NTB 3 during Period 6.

Recognized by Nancy Roman

Maria Alvarez

Maria Alvarez

Thank you Maria for everything you and your team does everyday to achieve Best on Block !

Recognized by Tony Bhuiya



Congratulations Griselda on achieving great results during Period 6

Recognized by Walter Ayala

Blanca Vazquez

Blanca Vazquez

Congratulations Blanca Vazquez on delivering great results during Period 6

Recognized by Walter Ayala