Serving a Yum! Legend
February 14, 2020

Last night, North Texas Bells had the honor of serving at Greg Creed’s, Former Yum! CEO, retirement party at Yum! Headquarters in Plano, TX.  The event was a success, the team served food from the Taco Bell food truck and had the honor of meeting Greg Creed and Taco Bell CEO, Mark King. Thank you to each of our RGMs and Area Coaches for providing a North Texas Bells “Best on Block” experience for such a special event for the Yum! family.

Pictured (left to right): Calvin Brock, John Hulsey, Juan Carlos Martinez, Greg Creed, Diana Salazer, Edith Zongua, Tony Bhuiya, Nancy Roman, Jennifer Campbell, Greg Jones, Keldrick Tucker, Carlos Sepulveda