Need Something Fixed?

Follow the steps below to submit a work request to the NTB Maintenance Team

What Is Corrigo

Que Es Corrigo

Submitting Work Order How-to

Where to Submit a Work Order

Step 1 - Link to Corrigo

Click the Button Labeled “Click Here to Submit Work Order” at the Top of This Page

Or Visit:


Step 2 - Logging In

From the Corrigo Login Put your Store Email and Your Password (Welcome!1 Initially)

If using the Mobile App put in Company “North Texas Bells”

For a Password Reset: Contact

Step 3 - Navigating Dashboard

From the Dashboard Click the Orange Button Labeled “Request Maintenance Service”

Putting in a Work Order

Step 1 - Select the Trouble Area

  • Select the Area that Needs Attention
  • Select the Specific Issue
  • Follow the Self Help Prompts to Fix the Issue


Step 2 - Review Self Help

Once Self Help Directions are Attempted Please Select One of the Three Results Below(Not all Issues will Have Self Help Options):

  • Yes it Helped, Cancel the Request
  • Yes it Helped, Continue with the Creation
  • No it Didn’t Help, Please Continue with the Creation

If a Work Order is Needed Please Type a Description of the Problem. Make sure to Include Any Special Instructions Listed at the Top of the Description.

Step 3 - Review and Submit

From Review and Submit you Can:

  • Edit Parts of the Work Order
  • Add Pictures
  • Increase Priority

Once Complete Hit the Orange Button in the Top Right Corner Labeled “Submit Request”

Checking Your Work Order Status

Step 1 - The Dashboard

By Clicking ‘Dashboard’ You Can:

  • View Current Announcements from Maintenance Team
  • View Your Current Action Items
  • Open a New Work Order

Step 2 - View Service Request

Click the Orange Button Labeled “Service Request” to View all Open and Closed Work Orders Including Notes from Techs and Preventative Maintenance Performed at the Restaurant.

Step 3 - Closing a Work Order

When a Work Order is Completed by a Technician Signoff is Required by the Restaurant. From the ‘Dashboard’ or ‘Service Request’ you can Select the Action Items for Your Restaurant. From Here you Review the Actions Taken by the Technicians and Scroll to the Bottom of the Page to Verify the Work Order Completion and Rate Your Satisfaction with the Work Order .