Richardson Remodel

Congratulations to the team at TB #35432 in Richardson! Their store has been completely remodeled and the doors are now open to guests! Thank you to our GC, Robin Sanders and his team, as well as, Jon, Elizabeth, Matt, Scott, and our IT Team for their help with the remodel! Our team is excited to serve you! Go check out the updates and try the Chicken Taco Sandwich!


North Texas Bells Completes its 4th Remodel of 2021

Earlier today, North Texas Bells completed its 4th remodel for 2021! Taco Bell #29888 in Plano, TX was completed, and the lobby doors re-opened for our guests! Come check out all the new features both on the interior and exterior of the store!

We would also like to give a big shout out to our GC, Robin Sanders and the Skiles Construction team, as well as Jon, Oscar, Matt S., Thomas, Jim and Scott who helped make this remodel a success!

Oscar and his team at #29888 are looking forward to serving you!